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  • About My Live Show
  • I am an ordinary very modest guy, but quite sexy. I like anime and I love hiking! I would love to flirt with some stranger :) what about you? I think even though we are strangers, our time together will be unforgettable!How would you like me to tell you
  • What Gets Me Excited
  • This will probably be strange, but I like something quite simple. I love sports ballroom dancing, the costumes seem attractive to me, although I like to try something new, but I would not say that I am inclined to experiment! Well, I think we can choo
  • My Sexual Skills
  • I am attracted to "danger".. lol, what do I mean? for example, I would really like me to wash in the shower, suddenly you came and hugged me from behind.. what's wrong with that? well, all this happens in the parents ' house! heh, our main goal is not to

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