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  • About My Live Show
  • I enjoy knowing who I'm having sex with before we get laid or get into something sexual. I'm a good sub, always changing roles and exploring both my body and emotions. I love caressing my body, pleasing who I'm with and knowing about their likes.
  • What Gets Me Excited
  • I'm on a full-time career of exploring my own body and sexuality. I've been a straight guy for as long as I can tell but not so long ago I've been feeling so interested about knowing what it is to be with a man, to know him, and even to have sex with him
  • My Sexual Skills
  • I guess I should talk about my deepest fantasies around here, but I consider myself a discoverer so not gonna start with the same basic BS as airplanes or malls. If I'm in the mood for something crazy, I do it, that's it. Whether it's sexual or non-sexual

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